What To Expect

Pinehill Massage in Auchterhouse, near Dundee is a relaxing cozy complementary therapy space, where you can expect treatments that are delivered with mindfulness and kindness. I aim to make you feel relaxed and at ease so that you can really unwind and feel refreshed after your session.

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Massage Therapy What To Expect

Your first treatment will include a slightly longer strictly confidential consultation where we will establish what your aims are. You may like me to work on a particular area of tension or you may simply wish to relax with a Swedish or aromatherapy massage.

It will be necessary for me to ask you some questions about your health to make sure that massage is a safe and suitable treatment for you. I do also provide reflexology treatments (of the feet) and traditional head massage as alternatives to Swedish massage. Usually I might combine different techniques.

All sessions are 90 minutes long, unless there is is a specific reason for a shorter treatment. This will give you a bit of time to relax after your treatment and perhaps let me know how you got on.

Massage has an effect on various systems of the body and each person will respond to treatment differently. It is normal to feel a bit tired for the rest of the day so it may be good to try and avoid stressful tasks or strenuous exercise to prolong the relaxing effects of the treatment.